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Schneiderbanger Custom Remodeling Inc.’s services include Design Consultation to help you discover the right renovation to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Choosing the right products with the vast selection available from big box stores and boutique suppliers can be a time consuming and daunting task. SCR will help guide you to the right suppliers and products to simplify the process. The design process can be as simple as a meeting with staff on site to discuss design possibilities or a more formal meeting with a design consultant resulting in complete plans and drawing allowing you to visualize what the completed project will look like.

Many renovations such as additions, basement, and bathrooms require permits to be issued by the town or city where the property resides. Understanding the process and requirements to obtain permits can be a very time consuming and frustrating experience. SCR can facilitate the permitting process by producing all the required plans, engineering and documentation and submitting them to the building department.

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