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Oakville custom basement Basements are a great opportunity to add additional living space to your home. New technologies along with advanced building practices are now available making a basement a dry and comfortable environment for the whole family to enjoy. The basement is an ideal space to create a home theatre, games room, wine cellar, wet bar, nanny suite, etc., and provides for many storage opportunities. Basements should be finished no different than any other floor within the residence and represent the character and style of the owners.

Schneiderbanger Custom Remodeling Inc., will guide you through the various opportunities your unfinished basement can represent. Opportunities to maximize headroom and reduce the use of bulkheads are always in the forefront of any basement renovation. Ducting, utilities and even the heating systems are moved providing for the optimal use of the space. Proper use of moisture and vapor barriers along with flooring technologies that maximize comfort are always employed. A properly finished basement will add true value to a home but a poorly finished basement that does not control moisture can become a liability and result in an uncomfortable and unhealthy space. Trust your basement remodel to the experts at SCR who truly are passionate about creating the best new found space possible.

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